Everything you need to know about Metal roofing

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There are two different types of metal roofing, both offer similar appearance but vary on price and durability.

Standing seam

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Standing Seam

Metal Roofing Solutions That Stand the Test of Time

Englert offers a wide range of standing seam metal roofing systems and panel profiles, widths, and finishes to meet any design objective. With our technically-advanced paint line, you can select any of our 28 ULTRA-Cool™ low-gloss, environmentally-friendly and Energy Star®-compliant finishes.All of Englert’s metal roofing systems are backed by stringent product testing, the best warranties in the industry, and engineering expertise.


Effective beyond all measure

Agricultural metal roofs combine architectural versatility (for cleanly detailed, continuous seam transitions from roof to mansard, fascia, wall panel or soffit) with the dramatically increased spanning and uplift capabilities all for a cheaper price than standing seam roofs.